Adam Galloway


Adam Galloway is an avid programmer and award-winning entrepreneur from Liverpool, England. Adam enjoys creating web application software, as well as mobile applications. Adam is also a big advocate of Human Rights, and uses his skills to defend these were possible.

Adam is currently Managing Director of LaunchCode Digital Ltd, where he oversees the development of products for clients of all sizes.

My skills


Full-stack Developer & Project Manager

Hive - Liverpool

This role came from my belief of 'If there are no jobs, create some.' I am currently working on my own project called Hive, which is a revolutionary social network based on Security, Privacy and Freedom. I am also a director of the company, which is called Hive Social Ltd.

  • Complete project management using AGILE methodologies.
  • Creation and design of back end logic in Node.JS
  • Knowledge of subjects ranging from User Experience to Marketing and Business Management.
  • Complete understanding of HTML, Javascript and CSS.
  • Being self-disciplined and managing a small team
  • Working with numerous people in the technology industry
  • Selling and marketing a product from its inception

Web Designer and Developer

LaunchCode - Liverpool

LaunchCode is a digital agency that I founded which aims to address the gap between small businesses and large digital agencies. We help businesses of any size to achieve frictionless growth. Working alongside the micro-business marketing agency bmicro, we serve a lot of micro-businesses.

  • Project Management and communication with clients
  • The ability to work with Content Management Systems (such as WordPress and Joomla)
  • HTML, CSS and Javascript knowledge
  • Backend development knowledge and application (Node.JS, PHP, C#)
  • To some extent, graphic design knowledge is required.
  • Working with interesting people and brands to create something special
  • Making money to fund other projects (such as Hive), eliminating the need for finance.
  • Development of my website design and development skills.



  • September 2011Wade Deacon High School

    Wade Deacon, voted one of the top schools in the country, was where I started my secondary education. However, since they did not meet my expectations for I.T. or Computer Science, I moved to a different school.
  • September 2013The Studio School Liverpool

    The Studio is an excellent school, which specialises in my favourite areas of study, including Enterprise, Computer Science and Maths. This has allowed me to expand my skills set in a professional environment.
  • September 2015The Studio Sixth Form

    The Studio Sixth Form has allowed me to continue my academic journey by studying A Levels in: Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics.